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Disaster Theories

A survival guide for Greece's deadliest natural disasters and future catastrophic events. Rare footage, experts and surviving witnesses bring to life the terrifying reality of what it is like to experience extreme and deadly disasters.

On all 4s

A subversive must see, feel-good comedy about the difficulties a 35 year old woman in a wheelchair is facing in Athens.

I am Jo

A feelgood dramedy about a single woman in her 30s, who decides to stand up against the "perfect" female stereotypes, after being dumped by the love of her life.

Bad Blood

Premium crime noir drama. As a lake drainage occurs in a small village, an unexpected finding creates havoc and fear. When an Athenian detective is called to investigate, the case takes him back to the killing of his own sister.

The Other 300

Ancient Greek history premium documentary series about an army of male couples, considered to be the most fearsome fighting force of its era. Co-developed with Anemon Productions & epo FILM.

Screenwriting Academy

The Antenna Screenwriting Academy is our educational branch committed to train emerging screenwriters at international industry standards.